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Sep. 12th, 2008

jin love

Blogs + japanese class




My 2 BLOGs
Actually i have 2 BLOGS. ahahaa~ and fandom craps like Jinjin,Sho,Yaoi craps would usually get comments from LJ whereas my life craps would get comments from my other blog. Why do i have 2 blogs? I need the LJ because of the communities they have, random fun ppl and at that time i made a LJ acct i already have my other blog. I love the other blog as its easier to use so its easier to record my life chronicles. basically the content is practically the same plus minus few stuffs and this is fully in english. lolx.. what a waste of internet space usage.


Japanese Class

Ahh.. my brain is experiencing difficulty translating japanese stuffs lately. I think its due to Japanese class OVERLOAD. 3 classes a week is too much for me!! *cries* I love japanese but at times when sensei said " ok, this is ur homework. See u next class". my brain felt like it had been fried. Kentucky Fried Brain anyone? this had gone HORRIBLY bad to the extend of translating craps like this.


わたしの かいしゃは あの ビルの 中です


my office is inside that BEER??

Wth?? How can that be? maybe inside the beer bottle theres a namecard ne. eh doesnt sound logic.. maybe the beer's brand is his company. Eeeeeeeeeee.. NANI???.. *krikkrikkrik* fuck off.. NEXT Q please.


30 mins later: Aaahh its not Bi--RU as in Beer its BiRU as in BUILDING.. Stupid ass. So the sentence make sense now.


My office is inside that BUILDING. crap. i should have known.. the first one is too illogical.


Theres more adventure related to me misinterprating stuffs. But the funniest happens in class last night. The conversation goes like this;


"Johnson, a Q in our homework


まちを わたるとき、車に きを つけなければなりません


When crossing the road, car (something is being done to the car) tree have to ON?????? WTF?-----


what does it mean? its like tree something.. errr"


"owh.. its ki o tsukete"

"ahh..ya.. im soo stupid" *knock head*


For your info, separately Ki means tree, O is a particle like is,are,were etc and tsukete means ON. But used together they mean something else.. kiO tsukete = Be careful. and My lovely smarty pants brain decided to translate them separately. WHEN kio tsukete is Soooo OVERUSED IN ANIME!! HOW CAN I OVERLOOK THATTTTT. ahh.. brain fried.


so now, the sentence make sense;

When crossing the road, have to be careful with the car. (or roughly they mean something like that)

Ive overworked my brain. Or is it too much kanji practice and lack of grammar practice? Wth.. *faints* i need more time in a day and perhaps a desk where i can study.. sigh.. a house under renovation is sooooo not helping.

Ja.. atode.

jin love





And this is kyouko's version of Natsu! Finally!!! *cries* Chap 128 Skip BEAT rawks!!!!!!!! and i have to wait months for the whole volume? shesshhhh.. life's tough! Kyouko is SOOOOOOOOOO COOOL! T_T arghh im too excited. Nobody will understand this.. crap! DELL I NEED YOU!!! *tears*



Sep. 8th, 2008

jin love


OH MY GOD!! sooooooo KAWAII!! He is sooo nervous! ahahahah~ Kawaiiiso! *drool* owh.. and he's wearing a pink nail polish! What?!! damn it Jin.. that is sooo uke-ish. heheheh.. Basically i thot the interview was content-less. kekekeke~ he is too nervous, no content flow between questions. But i think this is his first interview in english and considering that he only learnt english 6 months in LA, its ok. right? Ganbatte ne Jin! looking forward to see you in Hollywood movies! *yeay* Love ya! *kiss2* XD ahh.. jin overload *faints*

Sep. 5th, 2008

jin love

What I NEED. damn it

1. A FREAKING HAIRCUT. these donald trump toupee wannabe just doesnt work anymore. need bangs.

2. NEW CLOTHES. been going thru fashion blogs and GAwD.. i havent shop like for aGes! Gimme me MONEY PPL *sigh*

3. GlaSsssSeSss. Note the multiple Sses emphasizes the need of NEW ones. The current one looked like Bo-chan just splatter his gooeey schmooey snot on the lenses and dries on its own.


Watched bones last night. Angela said to Hodgins
'lets do it (get married) next week'~ whooh.. that sounded easy.
'But, we cant plan a wedding in a week!'
'We have to.'

*sigh* i wish it is That EASY! @_@ real life outside the tube is Hard baybee~ i wish i live in a tube. Make it in Yamadatarou Monogatori as Sakurai Sho's love interest. Denk! he's hawt.. *oogle* OMG! just look at his freaking ABS!!!.. *nosebleed*died from massive blood loss*


Aug. 22nd, 2008

jin love

Never thought i'd see the sun *insert sappy music here*



やった!きょう とても うれしい!はじめ 日本語で かいた!

heheh.. finally~ after few days of hardship finding out how to install east asia language pack, how to use them.. IM FINALLY HERE! ahahahahhahaha.. im going nuts~

With this i would like to thank God for his love, my loved ones for their support, Google for being the world greatest search engine, the IT dept guy from my company whose name ive sworn to secrecy and last but not least the owner of this site Piffle, Drivel and Fluff who made the murky waters somehow a bit clearer.

Without all of you, i wont be here today. lolx~ XD

あきらめないで、われら けっして 一人じゃない~ :)

Aug. 15th, 2008

jin love



OMG! Akanishi Jin is SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. Im suffering from Post Yukan Club syndrome. ahhhh.. Currently dloading Kattun songs, watching Kattun's and Jin's solo PVs on youtube! JIN!!!! *nosebleed*

drown yourself in more Akanishi Jin 411. *squeel*

Aug. 6th, 2008

jin love

Serve you right!



ahahhahahahhahahahahah.. padan muka. Menunjukkan how unreliable KOSMO really is.
Congratulations aSs***e.

Pemain bola Perlis saman fitnah akhbar Kosmo RM1 juta


Aug. 4th, 2008

jin love

JLPT Level 4


im BORED. Even the word BORED cant describe how Uberly BOreD i am right now. aa~ after bugging fati to update her blog, i thot, maybe i should update mine.

Ok. Here goes.

Im planning to take JLPT level 4 this December. Which is quite crazy if u ask me since the exam is 12 days away from my you-know-what and 1 day before eid-adha and i skipped two classes level (intermediate 2 and 3) to take this. ahahhahahah.. God help me. but i browse thru my highschool japanese text book and whooh they really did taught us well. the textbook material is almost the same with JLPT level 4 plus minus few kanjis and few chapters. uuuhh.. at first the thot of 100 kanji in 4 months is DAMN SCARY. But when my classmate Seph who knows zero kanji convince me that we can do it, i decided to just go for it. Heck if i fail there's always next year. Who cares.

But im feeling pretty ok right now cause, ive tested myself last night and apparently ive already remembered 50++ from my rather blurrred high school memory. ahahah.. so just another 50 to go! Uuuhh.. Go ME!

So here comes the Oh-so-Famous question. Why the hell am i torturing myself with all this? Do i plan to work in Japan *uuhh.. No* then do i plan to live there? *hell yeah if im still single but thts out of the question. since marriage require sacrifices -sigh--- owh just so u know i never wanted to live there permanently maybe just for few months or max 2 years*

then why?

Because i feel like it. Because inside me, there's this little hope that one day this would be useful. and ........because i would like to read and watch anime and drama without LIMITATIONS! ahahhahahahahahahaha.. So there you have it. My hidden agenda! ahahhaha... owh.. why i have to take the exams then? thats for self satisfaction. i like to challenge and rate myself. Workwise not that motivated. Studywise im soo motivated that i can even motivate you. yeah.. call me crazy.

JLPT level 4 Bookmarked:

so dear me, good luck.


Jul. 21st, 2008

jin love

KDN and Kino Raid~





WTF? that was my first expression when i first got the sms from a colleague. WHAT! WHAT? Arghhh.. i cant breathe. my head is spinning.. followed by a series of CURSING.
I mean COME ON! arghh.. im all fired up last monday. But got tired of cursing now. Like it could change anything. Seriously, KOSMO.. MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS or at least just study the whole manga anime culture first before u start writing articles (referring to the previous misconceptions). Its like movies and novels, they have genres and age ratings and you should see the fanservice in some shounen manga before YOU START SAYING YOUR MIND OUT LOUD on a newspaper where other ignorant SHIT LIKE U COULD JUST ASSUME and make their own twisted point of view.

AND LOVE, do know that only girls read this stuff and guys that read them are already gay in the first place. NORMAL GUYS dont read shit like this. SO please, leave us in peace. wht is this whole "mempengaruhi golongan muda dalam aktiviti tidak bermoral" shit is? mentioned in the article " pembeli dari golongan 25 tahun ke atas". hellOOOOO... we are adults please. BULLSHIT. GUSAI.

and if kids got their hand on this $50 shit, its their parents fault. YOU SHOULD MONITOR WHAT YOUR KIDS READ. dont be all too trusting when those little hands holds a manga. CHECK THE FREAKING CONTENT FIRST. AND PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS SHIT ARE WRAPPED AND LABELLED FOR EXPLICIT CONTENT.

“Dengan itu, bahan bacaan tersebut dirampas dan akan dihantar ke Bahagian Penerbitan untuk kajian selanjutnya di mana penentuan sama ada bahan tersebut sesuai untuk pembacaan umum atau sebalik- nya,” katanya ketika dihubungi semalam."
Huh.. as i said previously, the thot of grown man reading YAOI is totally hilarious. to them, selamat membaca cerita2 sodomi. ROFL. and KOSMO, you are trying to hard to be james bond, its LAME.

in case u are wondering why im pissed :

Jun. 9th, 2008

jin love

Still in a Shoujo mood..


Just so ppl know, this blog is actually more for me to bookmark and tag my favourites. So if you are not me, This BLOG IS BORINGGGGG. ahahahahahhaha

Well, read Koukou Debut V1-8, Totally Captivated V1-4 and Earl Cain Series complete + Godchild V1,2/V8 over the weekend.

Koukou Debut?
Fed my shoujo cravings right to very end. Super sweet with super sweet ending for every vol. Uses every cliche existed with mushy ending, so not quite suitable for avid shoujo reader. Teheheh.. but good enough for me. Heheh.. Im all allen after that. Met him the next day and suddenly feels like LOVE is in the air. Im sooo shallow.

Totally Captivated?
Well the art was gorgeous but Vol 1 was rather dull. The plot improved A whole load in the later Vols. Mookyul is a bit cruel and possesive to my liking but LOVE how the story is progressing so far. I find the conflict of seme X seme hilarious. tehehehe.. Loadsa smexy scenes with gorgeous ART. Hrmm.. if asked if i want to own them.. not for now. But its getting interesting, so maybe later.

Earl Cain Saga + Godchild. *spoiler warning*
Its good. Highly Reccomended! The ending was bitter sweet. Warghh.. I was hoping for all of them to have a happily ever after TOGETHER. BUT looking at Cain's smile wrapped in Riffs arms I cant help but think "maybe its a good ending, he was happy and they are together". I loved the end part when he grabbed Riffs arm and came flying to his arm. But then again, Mary Anne tears brings me DESPAIR! She never got to see her brother till the end, she took the responsibilty as the family head and waited and continued waiting. So? When she received the ring in the end does it mean she knows that her brother is dead or did she thot it was her brother who put the ring there? Either way, i think he kinda fulfilled his promise to have a tea party with her. warghhh im feeling sad and my heart is heavy as i wrote this. After I finished reading the sagas. I just have to skip from GC2 to GC8. Desperately need to know the ending. Kept me awake until 4 freaking thirty and i have to wake up at 7. So go figure..

And the title Godchild is BRILLIANT. I loved it. Kaori Yuki rawks. Gonna try Angel Sanctuary next. I need a happy ending this time. PLEASE HAVE MERCY. LOL..

Owh, never found the time for anime and house. The weekend was well spent on Allen, Family, Friends and reading manga till dawn. LOL XD

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